Thursday, August 23, 2012

Odd Is Good Right?


Before I did my morning cardio I happened to glance at the DVD's sitting on the entertainment center in my gym......I had to laugh and think "this must look odd".  One of these DVD's do not belong.

To explain, I do enjoy watching movies while I lift every once in a while. (and I LOVE Rob Zombie)

Here is a very craptastic pic of the granola balls I made the other day. I put rolled oats, honey, peanutbutter, and trail my (Indulgent Trail Mix from Wal-Mart) in muffin cups and baked them......very yummy

Here are two pics of foods I found on Facebook that I WILL be making this fall. I LOVE FALL! It gets me all warm and fuzzy inside!

In September my hubby and I will be doing this!

          annual Devils Fork – Lake Jocassee Cleanup

 When: 09/15/2012 @ 8:00 am - 12:00 pm
Where:Devils Fork State Park
161 Holcombe CIR
SC 29676
Help the enviroment, kayak, AND a gift bag!  SCORE!


  1. The wee witches' hats and the JOL stuffed pepper are TOO CUTE!

    1. RIGHT! Hubby LOVES stuffed peppers so I cant wait to try know Ill post pics

  2. The stuffed pepper is too cute to eat.
    I like Rob Zombie, too. The placement of the DVD did make me laugh, though. lol

  3. Great post!! Those granola balls look delicious,,I am going to have to try them!! I love Fall is a beautiful time...


  4. OMG! The stuffed pepper is adoooorable!

    1. RIGHT!!!! I might have to make it next week! I am kind of excited