Saturday, April 20, 2013

Farmers Market

I picked up some goodies at the Farmers Market this morning. Home made dog treats for Bella, local honey,  a couple of cookies, hand made dish towel, solid hand cream, and home made cheese and pepperoni loaf.

And a Devils Trumpet. I have so much to do in the yard and I have no idea where I will plant this but I just had to have it!

Neat little cook book........I did not buy one because I have so many.

Cute handmade bags.

Elaine had lots of yummy goodness

Booth where I bought Bellas treats

She had them set up so cute

I bought the solid hand cream from this booth

She had some pretty neat little home made soaps

More goodness



Random Bella pic..........because she is too cute


  1. Our first outdoor farmers' markets here in Edmonton will start next month in May. I enjoy attending them too and buying goodies.

  2. yay..such wonderful photos and beautiful those handmade bags..really cute! and love the pic of beautiful!!Thanks for sharing your fantastic adventure!!

  3. I Love Farmer's Markets and in a Local Park they have one every Saturday near our Home so it's a perfect Excuse to take the G-Kid Force to the Park! *LOL* Thank you for the compliment on Princess T's Dress, I should make some of these to sell, though I cannot take Credit for making this one, it was a Thrift Store Score. But it is just a large Silk Scarf attached to the bottom of a regular Tank Top... it is her Favorite Dress though, Simple and yet Fun and Pretty.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

    1. Please oh please let me know if you make some to sell!

  4. How fun!!! I love little markets!!! <3

    1. Geniebean!!!!!!!! Me too! I think this Saturday Ill take my good camera and get some better pics.