Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Jones Gap Hike 9/25

Hubby and I took our youngest and Bella for a short hike Sunday. It was BEAUTIFUL! 

Breakfast was egg whites, asparagus, turkey, and a little cheese with a cup of good ole coffee.

View on the way.

Bella is sooooo excited!

AAAHHHHH......we made it. (a whole 20 minute drive)

Hubby next to a very odd looking tree.

My thirsty little one

This was one of our favorite campsites.

We made it to the falls

Bella is not one to get her feet wet

Time to snack

 Bella found a friend!

That's one tired Bella....I think she had a good time.

"I believe true happiness is derived from helping others and spreading love. Sharing Unconditional Love is the best high you can experience. Pure Engery flows though you unhindered by doubt, fear or expectation. It is magical beyond belief. Try it sometime!"
Skip Stone


  1. beautiful pics! love the waterfall :) i love hiking in autumn!

  2. Felicia-Thank you so much....we are avid hiker/campers and we live in the PERFECT location for it.

    Rhi-Thank you very much. I should have more this weekend. (we are going again)