Monday, January 9, 2012

Simple Tuna Wrap

I am working on becoming a Veggie/Vegan but I have not cut fish out of my diet yet. I wanted to share a delicious wrap I made the other day.

I started with a whole wheat tortilla and added some Tribe spicy hummus

Add fresh spinach

Red onion

A can of tuna


Just a drizzle

Wrap it up and scarf it down!

I hope everyone had a wonderful to bed for me.


  1. i am totally obsessed with olives right now!!!

  2. Now you've got me Jonesin' for one of these! *Winks* My New Year's Resolution is to eat healthier this year, I sometimes backslide on that one since buying Fresh Products means you have to shop more often and use them quickly. But the G-Kids & I actually prefer Fresh Foods, Salads, Soups & Veggies... though The Man is more a Meat & Taters type of Guy. *Winks* I'm going to have to stop by often on your Journey towards healthy Living for tips and more great recipes!

    Thanks for stopping by today and enjoying my G-Daughter's "Earthquake"... that kid provides endless Smiles, she's quite a Character! *No Brag Just Fact... insert Proud Gramma Face*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Felicia: My daughter will take a block of cheese and a jar of olives and go to town!

    Dawn-I have 2 grandchildren myself and they are my heart! Stop by tomorrow, I plan to post a very simple and delicious Greek tomato salad recipe!

  4. Beautiful post..I love love love hummus!