Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Please Join Me

I would love to share some nostalgia with you. Things that make me go "WOW I REMEMBER THAT!". Also some things I am collecting because I love it.

I drank out of these glasses for as long as I can remember! I actually went and bought some much to my mothers dismay because she had ours packed up in the garage. Oops 

I called these Ravioli bowls because....well you guessed it.......I ate ravioli out of them. Yes, bought some of these still uses ours.

One of my first Halloween costumes! I had lots of Holly Hobbie items and have started a new collection. As a matter of fact, I still have a TV tray (minus the legs) I used when I was little. (my mother NEVER throws anything away)

I loved this doll! I think mom actually got rid of her.

I got a little older and mom bought me this book....and I in turn bought it for my daughter and I have saved it for my grand daughter

I then hit my teens and ............

Started wearing jelly shoes

and leg warmers

and denim jean jackets

and Members Only jackets (mine was navy blue)

and parachute pants

and used a Poloriod camera

My senior year in high school I drove my parents hamby down car (that I miss dearly)

and figured I would be a trend setter and use a TMNT back pack

Believe it or not........I went back the next year and ALL the seniors had one! Guess I was cool after all.

I will be doing a follow up post with more 70/80's nostalgia! Please feel free to share things from your childhood or request pictures of things you miss!

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  1. I liked Holly Hobbie at first. But eventually I grew to hate Holly Hobbie. That imagery was just EVERYWHERE!!!! It was HH Overload!